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Sturgeon Hockey Club - Refund Policy


Refunds for players withdrawing from the program will be paid upon written application to the Registrar as follows:

1. The $50.00 administration fee is non-refundable, unless withdrawing due to medical reasons. A doctor's letter must be provided and the player must not have been on the ice.

2. Late fees are non-refundable

3. The refund schedule is as follows:
a) From date of registration to August 31 - full Division Registration fee less Administration fee
b) From evaluations to placement on a team - full Division Registration less Administration fee and evaluation fee
c) From placement on a team to December 15 of the current season - 15% of the Division Registration fee for each month played and less Administration Fee
d) After December 15 of the current season - no refunds will be issued

4. Players suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees.

5. There will be no refund issued until all equipment assigned to the player or parent is returned in satisfactory condition.

6. Tryout fees are non-refundable

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