St. Albert Minor Hockey Association
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St. Albert Minor Hockey Association - Refund Policy

Rules and Guidelines

Refunds for players withdrawing prior to October 1st, from the program will be refunded, upon written application to the SAMHA Administrator, less a $50.00 service charge fee, according to the following:

(A) No portion of the late registration fee will be refunded.

(B) Players suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees.

(C) For players withdrawing voluntarily for personal reasons, the refund will equal the registration fee less a $50.00 service charge fee, less 15% of the regular registration fee for each month they are still registered with SAMHA.

Example: registration of $685.00 withdraws as of November 2:
Refund = $685.00
-205.50 October, November @ 15%/month
-50.00 Service Charge fee
$429.50 Total Refund

(D) No refunds will be issued after December 15.

(E) There will be no refund issued until all equipment assigned to the player, parent or team is returned in satisfactory condition. There will be no charge levied for the return of team jerseys or SAMHA equipment if it is returned in satisfactory condition.

(F) Player Release forms must be signed by the President or their acting designate and the Registrar.

(G) Tryout fees are non-refundable.

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