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Frequently Asked Questions

I did not receive an activation email.
  1. Check your spam folder as your email application may have mistaken the email as spam.
  2. Select the "No Activation Email? Click here to resend your activation." This will send an email directly to your email account with the activation instructions.
  3. Select the "No Activation Email? Click here to resend your activation." And select the "Are you still having trouble? Click here for a manual retrieval form RAMP Registrations Support". This will send an email to the RAMP Support desk, they will reply with your account status information.
I do not have an email address to complete the registration process.
  1. Contact your registrar to see if an offline registration is possible.
  2. Create a new personal email account (eg.
I have forgotten my password.
  1. Select the "Forgot your password". This will send an email to your personal email account with your login information.
I try to login but receive an "Invalid Password" notice every time I try to login.
  1. Select the "Forgot your password". When your email address has been set up you will receive an email in your personal email account that will contain a completely new login and password. Please login with this information and reset your login and password to your liking.
I registered for the wrong division within the right association.
  1. Please login to your family account and select the "Contact" tab at the top. Notify your association registrar with that contact information. If no information is provided select the "Support" tab at the top. Enter the player’s name and division they are supposed to be in, support will reply and cc the association’s registrar on the email.
I’m trying to create a family account and receive an error when I try to enter my phone number into the field.
  1. This error may be caused by an auto fill set to your browser. Please try entering the information manually field by field.
  2. If this problem persists please try creating an account in a different browser.
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